There are similar requirements for both Adult and Childrens karate classes. This keeps our system complete as a student moves through their belt ranks and grows in the system.  The emphasis in Modern Bujutsu is not speedy progression through the ranks; rather, the focus is on quality training and a firm grasp of concepts learned.  Students do not test until their black belt instructor feels they are truly ready. 

The belt ranking system for students under black belt ("dan" rank)  is as follows:  white - yellow - green - purple  - brown.  These are known as "kyu" ranks.  Formalized testing is done for each new colored belt rank, and will include:

        kata for rank     self-defense for rank      sparring for rank      breaking for rank

Students perform their test before a board of certified black belt instructors for both slash and colored belt examinations.  Tests begin with the student performing their kata (forms).  They then perform Goshin Jutsu, self-defense techniques against one or more opponents who may be unarmed or have a weapon.  The students then demonstrate their karate knowledge through Kumite, sparring several rounds against one or more opponents.  The final requirement is breaking (Tamishiwara), where the student demonstrates their punching or kicking technique and karate spirit by breaking wooden boards.  Upon completion of these requirements, the student is awarded the appropriate slash or belt,  along with a certification of their achievement by the Black Belt Examination Board.

Adult students will also have a written exam to be completed prior to their testing date.  The exam includes studies of martial arts technique, history, and wisdom that is an inherent part our training.  Students will also have to read a specific martial arts text as assigned by their Sensei and reflect upon its content.