What is a typical karate training session like? 

A student arrives at the dojo prepared for the physical and mental challenge of dedicated training.  One enters the dojo, bowing as you enter to show respect for your dojo and the instructors.  To enter the training floor, all footwear is removed and the student is attired in a proper karate gi (uniform).  Bowing onto the floor, the student will line up and bow to the Sensei before him or her.  After respects are paid, the Sensei leading the class will commence with the following:

  • Calisthenics / Warm-ups - exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, 'mountain climbers', and the like are used to warm up the body and allow the mind to release all the cares and experiences of the day. 
  • Stretching - a carefully designed program of stretching our entire body follows our warm-ups, thus avoiding injury and preparing one for rigorous training.
  • Basics - the student will progress through basic stances, kicks, punches, and blocks which are the foundation of karate training.
  • Kata - students will execute their kata, pre-arranged fighting forms that combine all of the basics into a a singular sequence of movements
  • Goshin Jutsu - Self Defense training follows kata.  Students work with partners to learn and refine responses to various attacks by an opponent who may or may not be armed with a weapon
  • Kumite - sparring follows Goshin Jutsu.  Students wear protective hand, foot, and headgear and engage in various levels of contact sparring.  This enables the student to put to practical use the techniques they have learned in their basics, kata, and Goshin Jutsu.

Every class ends with students lining up as they did at the beginning of the class.  The Sensei will reflect on the evenings class and students efforts.  Courtesy bows are exchanged and respects are paid to our Grandmaster.