Dr Martin Bruce Manuel - Soke Founder of Modern Bujutsu - Doctor of Martial Science

 Martin "Marty" Manuel was born in Pocomoke, Maryland, moving to Vineland, NJ in 1968.  He was a graduate of Vineland High School (class of 72'), earned his Associates degree from Cumberland County College and also took coursework at Glassboro State College.  He was awarded the doctorate degree in Martial Arts Philosophy by the EUSIMAA.  A 10th degree black belt (Hanshi) and Founder (Soke) of the Modern Bujutsu Martial Arts System, Marty Manuel began his martial arts training as a young boy.  He earned his black belt, was the Garden State Grand Champion, and was the #1 full-contact kickboxing contender in 1978, fighting in the Super Lightweight Division.  Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a devastating spinal disease that began to paralyze his arms.  Even as the disease ravaged his body, he continued to train and fight.  Ultimately, he lost the use of his legs as well.  Always the true martial artist and devout Christian, Grandmaster Manuel turned to teaching his beloved martial arts, becoming the consumate career sensei.  He dedicated his life to teaching children the value of good morals and strong spirit.  Grandmaster Manuel received dozens of awards for his accomplishments and teaching in the martial arts world.  He was a proud member of several martial arts organizations, including the United Martial Arts Referee's Association, The World Head of Family Sokeship Council, the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Assocation, World Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Okinawan Karate Association Hall of Fame, and USA Goju Fight Schools Network.

Grandmaster Manuel trained with many great masters, and many people turned to him to expand their knowledge and expertise.  He counted among his teachers the following renown individuals:

  • Grandmaster Peter Urban
  • Master Owen Watson
  • Grandmaster Frank Ruiz
  • Master Joseph Artesi
  • Grandmaster Ed Parker
  • Professor Remy Presas Sr
  • Grandmaster S.L. Martin
  • Grandmaster William Cheung
  • Grandmaster Maasaki Hatsumi
  • Grandmaster George Dillman
  • Grandmaster Wally Jay
  • Grandmaster Baltazar "Bo" Sayoc
  • Dr Wilfredo Matias
  • Dr Remy Presas Jr

Sadly, our Modern Bujutsu family lost Grandmaster Manuel in September of 2010.  It is a tribute to his faith, spirit, and the dedication of his students that he lived as long as he did.  His legacy lives on through his yudansha, the black belt masters and sensei whom he trained, as well as through all who's lives he touched.