The Ronin Martial Arts Centers are based on the Modern Bujutsu System, a comprehensive martial arts system founded by Dr Marty Manuel.  Ronin Martial Arts Centers expand upon the core systems of Modern Bujutsu and the teachings of Master Manuel.

The Ronin Martial Arts Center teaches USA Goju-Ryu, in combination with modern kickboxing and contemporary Filipino martial arts.  Therefor, we are teaching the way of the modern warrior.  This is as much the spirit as it is the techniques of a martial art.  Through practice and study, the individual improves the mind and spirit, as well as the body.

Here is an explanation of our component systems that comprise our curriculum:

The Goju karate system was first founded by Chojun Miyagi on the island of Okinawa.  It was further refined by his student, Gogen Yamaguchi, and brought to America from Japan by Peter Urban.  The term karate means "empty hand", while the term "Do" means style, way or path.  Goju comes from the words "Go" (hard) and "Ju" (soft).  Goju Karate Do is therefore a martial art based on hard striking, soft blocking.  The experience allows one to move along a path of learning and self-improvement.
The practice of Karate Do at the Ronin Martial Arts Center includes extensive study of striking, kicking, blocking, and punching.  The student, known as a "karateka", studies these methods through the practice of kata (prearranged forms), drills, and sparring.  This is supplemented with the study of Aiki-jutsu, which is joint locking, manipulation, and throwing techniques for self-defense.  Incorporated into Aiki-jutsu studies are sweeps, pressure point attacks, and restraining techniques.

Kickboxing, akin to boxing, became popular in the late 1960's in America.  Kickboxers use foot, hand, and headgear protection to engage in full-contact sparring sessions.  This trains the practitioner to defend themselves as well as providing an outstanding aerobic conditioning experience.  Depending upon the individuals own skills and level, techniques are thrown at varying degrees of force and speed.  Techniques include punches and kicks thrown above the waist level, as well as sweeps.  Grandmaster Manuel synthesized the essence of kickboxing techniques and science into a system of progressive instruction known as American Combat Kickboxing.

Arnis/Kali (Filipino Martial Arts)
The people of the Phillipines have a long and honored martial tradition of defending themselves and their homeland.  Intrinsic to the societal culture are the fighting arts, including many forms of stick and knife fighting systems.  At the Modern Bujutsu Center, we instruct students in the stick fighting method known as Modern Arnis, as established by Grandmaster Remy Presas.  Arnis is primarily a weapons art but also easily transfers to empty hand methods.  We also incorporate techniques from other Filipino martial arts, wing chun, and jeet kune do concepts.  From the arts of Kali, Escrima, and Arnis have come drills, strategies, and techniques that allow the martial artist to become proficient.  Students learn the use of double sticks, single stick, stick and dagger, single dagger and double dagger, as well as one of the most complete empty hand systems in the martial arts.  Beside excelling as a realistic self-defense system, Filipino Marital Arts develop attributes such as speed, agility, timing, body mechanics, and ambidextrious neuromuscular coordination.