The patch for the Ronin Martial Arts Centers is a an adaptation from our core system, Modern Bujutsu, founded by the late Dr Marty Manuel.    

At the heart of the symbol is the Goju fist, representing our roots in Goju Ryu Karate. The Red, White, and Blue colors eombody our USA Goju roots from O' Sensei Peter Urban and our pride as Americans. Our tradition of full contact kickboxing is embodied in our Combat Kickboxing Curriculum. Our teaching of Modern Arnis, as passed down to us from Professor Remy Presas Sr and Dr Remy Presas Jr, is a central part of our programs.  Our Chief Instructor Master Robert Del Ross is a practitioner of Aiki Kenpo Jujutsu under Sensei Paul LoPresti, student of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy.

The patch for the Modern Bujutsu System is a combination of important symbols reflecting our history.  Each is a component in the whole of our system.

The fist is a similar representation of the fist of Chojun Miyagi, founder of the Goju Karate system - Miyagi Sensei was from Okinawa, a group of islands south of Japan.  Miyagi taught Gogen Yamaguchi, who in turn taught O Sensei Peter Urban, Grandmaster Manuels teacher.

The kanji (Japanese symbols) state "Karate Do" - this means empty hand way or method, in that karate at its essence is a weaponless art.

The distinctive Blue USA denotes that we are part of the American Goju  karate system founded by O' Sensei Peter Urban and proud Americans.

The boxing gloves symbolize our practice of full-contact kickboxing. The Modern Bujutsu Center has been the home of many renown kickboxing champions.

In total, these represent Modern Bujutsu, Modern Warrior Arts which draw from older, established traditions and build upon new knowledge to strengthen the mind, the spirit, and the body.